Warfighter Warranty

Warfighter Warranty

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence. 

Our Warfighter Warranty guarantees your gear will be replaced or repaired for the duration of the practical lifetime of the product. 

The decision to replace or repair is at our discretion. If product damage has occurred through wear and tear, neglect, or misuse, we will repair the product at a fair and reasonable cost. 


To make a claim or to request a repair, you must provide the following information to our customer support team at warfighter.doorntrade@gmail.com

1. Proof of purchase or your order number

2. A detailed account of how the damage or defect occurred

3. Provide any imagery to support and speed up the process

Once the Warfighter team receives this information we can make an assessment on repair or replacement. Remember, sustainability requires us all to play our part, where possible we will always try to repair the damage or defect. 

Once a decision is made you will need to return the garment, please ensure it is returned in a washed state. 

Thanks for your trust in us! If you have any further questions email the team at warfighter.doorntrade@gmail.com