Shipping Information

Warfighter Athletic currently offers:

FREE shipping for order above 100 EURO'S

For all shipping and apparel related questions fire an email to

We ship globally, if you want to make sure we ship to your country simply go through the checkout and enter your address, if it is accepted we will ship to your country.

We have 1 fulfillment location in the Netherlands


  1. We will always work hard to get your order out the door in 1-2 business days, if you order on a Friday afternoon your order will not be dispatched until Monday.
  2. Shipping is a fickle beast! Your package from time to time may arrive late, we have no control over what the shipping company or your customs does with the package.
  3. If there is a delay, we will do everything in our power to find where your order is, remember if you pay for NON-TRACKED then you do not get tracking information and neither do we.
  4. If you need help with shipping, send an email to

Customs Fees & Taxes

We only charge you for the cost of shipping your order, it does not include import, customs or duties taxes applied by your country.

For your information!  People inside of EUROPE do NOT pay import fees!

We are located within europe, so the import fees & taxes won't be payed by you!